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Bird in Hand Foundation is committed to the ongoing education and advocacy of our cultural heritage. We support the Uluru statement and all key elements – Constitutional change, Legislative change, and Makarrata commission.

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Beginning in 1997 in South Australia with the lofty goal of creating internationally recognized wines, our story is one of passion and determination. Inside of a single generation, our vision and dedication to quality continues to manifest in some of the world’s finest flavors.

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We produce wines across four specialty tiers: Tribute Series, Nest Egg, Bird in Hand and Two in the Bush. Among the collections, there is an ideal wine for every occasion, each outstanding in its own way.

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We believe in the enjoyment of all aspects of life, a philosophy that extends beyond wine making, to a restaurant and art gallery, live music events and many miscellaneous adventures.

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Life at Bird in Hand is rich, full of discoveries, cultural happenings and general goings-on. When you can’t make it to Woodside to visit us, here’s where we share our excitement.

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We believe synergy is one of the greatest experiences in life. We regularly reach out to our favorite artists, musicians and curators to create products and experiences that elevate our capabilities.

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Artisan Australian Family Wines

Bird in Hand is a family-owned winery cultivating cool-climate artisan wines that capture the spirit of South Australia’s Adelaide Hills. The Bird in Hand Foundation supports creativity, gender & indigenous equality through education & the arts.

Bird in Hand Foundation


Bird in Hand acknowledges the people of Peramangk Land on which it stands
and recognises their connection to culture, community and Country.

Bird in Hand supports the Uluru Statement.